CAUTION: East Sold!

We recently sold our east (original) location to Brewability Lab! You can read more about the sale and what Brewability Lab does in this Westword Article. Meanwhile, we will be moving our main production to an offsite location so that we can concentrate on more packaging and distribution. Our Lakewood taproom location will remain open, so that you can come in and enjoy all our beers in a fun, friendly atmosphere. Check out all our weekly and special events in our "News" section here.

CAUTION: More Cans Coming!

Last year we canned our very first cans - the super special Asian spiced Lao Wang Lager - but there's more coming! This year, we will also be canning our beloved "Card Your Mom" Saison, our popular "Hippity Hops" IPA, and our new favorite, "The Earl" (an Earl Grey Tea infused English Mild). Start looking for our first run of the Saison as early as March of 2016. More great canned beers will be hitting the liquor stores just in time for all your fun summer activities. Remember to always #partywithcaution

CAUTION: Bombers

Occasionally, we will prepare something extra special to sell in limited hand-waxed bombers, like our Fall Toaster Bat variations. We take our 8.5% smoked, robust porter, and barrel age it in anything from a cognac barrel to a Caribbean rum barrel. It's always dark, dangerous and devilishly delicious. We will be doing more special barrel aging and bottling this year, so watch for what comes out next, and remember to party with CAUTION!


We have been rocking it this year with around town keg sales and self-distribution. Look for us all over the Denver Metro area including cities such as Stapleton, Lakewood, Boulder and Golden. Go to our "find us" section to find where we are most likely on tap in your area. If your favorite neighborhood bar does not carry our beers yet, please give us a shout at We'd always love to see you in person at one of our taprooms, of course, but will also try to make it out to your neck of the woods.

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