The Story

Caution: Brewing Company started with a seemingly innocent tour of New Belgium Brewing Company in my old stomping grounds of Ft. Collins, CO. Their story inspired the original owners, myself and Betty Fey, to start brewing beer after a good number of tasters while on the tour. Not soon after, fortune was on our side and we acquired Odell Brewing Co's original 5 barrel brewhouse (of 5 Barrel Pale Ale fame). Though there were no immediate plans of building a brewery, the idea was always there while looking at the commercial brewhouse sitting on the back patio of my house.

5 BBL Brewhouse

After a solid venture into homebrewing, we set out to build a brewery that offered something no other did - a brewery basing their brews on uniquely balanced flavors and culinary influences. In May 2011, our original facility started brewing a beer for one of Denver's landmark restaurants: Lao Wang Noodle House. While being my parents has it's perks, no one could imagine a hole-in-the-wall Taiwanese restaurant would have it's own beer brewed that's made with original ingredients from its menu.

Lao Wang 16oz. Can

After successfully tackling the logistics running a successful (albeit very small) production brewery, luck took over when the unit directly adjacent to the production facility freed up and we were able to turn the extra space into the Stapleton area's first craft brewery tasting room. On May 18th, 2011, Caution: East opened up with much fanfare and amazing support from local craft beer drinkers. The search began soon after for Caution to start looking for another neighborhood location to help serve areas looking for a neighborhood craft brewery.

East Cellar

The search didn't take long, by May 2012, the lease was signed in Lakewood for a second brewery and tasting room. Caution: became the first production brewery in Lakewood on Jan 18th, 2013 when the doors opened at Caution: West to the public. With a new 3 barrel system, we were able to produce a greater variety of unique beers and offer our beers to the general public outside of the brewery tasting rooms.

West Opening Day

With the looming problem of not being to produce enough beers for thirsty beer drinkers, it was decided that the East brewery and tasting room was unable to expand due to the size of the existing building. It was with luck that in March 2016, an amazing brewery concept was looking for a location and Brewability Lab was born out of our original tasting room. At the same time, we managed to secure a partnership with another local brewery to help with our increased demand and couldn't be more humbled to be a part of the community and family of craft brewers.

Packaged Beers

With the added capacity to produce more beer and package in cans, we have plans in the future to bring more of our beers to you. The vision of Caution: Brewing started in the humble roots of homebrewing and the spirit of experimentation lives on today. Our goal is to always bring you uniquely balanced beers made with fresh ingredients inspired by culinary arts. We are proud to be one of the first craft breweries in both Denver and Lakewood, and our team invites you to visit our Lakewood tasting room and brewery to try some of our award winning beers.



Danny Wang

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